Omni Industrial Warehouse Center - Hialeah, FL

Omni Industrial Warehouse Center is composed of three single and two story industrial warehouse buildings sited on two separate parcels totaling 9.64 acres in Miami, FL. The area is a major industrial hub highlighted with a high count of commercial based traffic. 

The property is home to several staples of local employment including but not limited to Grainger, Caribbean Shipping and EA Tires International. 


7100-7200 N.W 37th Ave., 3415-75 NW 60th Street
Miami, FL 33147
Map + Driving Directions


  • Property Type: Warehouse
  • County: MIAMI-DADE
  • Size: 284,926 sqft

Existing Tenants

Anchor Tenants

WW Grainger
Fidelity Paper & Supply
Falcon Shipping, LLC
Florida International Forwarders
EA Tires International

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