West Palm Medical Office - Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Medical Office has a total area of 35,625 square feet. The site is improved with a one-story office building. The subject has approximately 116 feet of frontage on the west side of South Flagler Drive and approximately 116 feet of frontage on the east side of Currie Crescent. Both of these roads are two lane roads in this area. South Flagler Drive is the main north/south road that runs along Lake Worth. It connects to Okeechobee Boulevard a few blocks to the north. Okeechobee Boulevard is a main east/west thoroughfare that connects to Interstate 95, and downtown West Palm Beach.


1309 & 1311 South Flagler Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Map + Driving Directions


  • Property Type: Office
  • County: Palm Beach
  • Size: 35,625 sqft



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